Awards and honors

Member of the Russian Academy of Nonlinear Sciences (Moscow) 1996

Senior Member IEEE 1998 (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers)

Senior Member SEE 2003 (Societe de l Electricite, de l Electronique et des technol. de l information et de la communication)

Professeur de Classe Exceptionnelle 2e echelon since 2010 (the highest university degree in France)

Automatica 'Best survey paper prize', awarded in 2005 by Elsevier Ltd and the IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control) for the best survey paper [RI/03/7] over 2002-2005.

Top 1 hottest paper Automatica (Science Direct) from July 2009 to 2017 [RI/03/7].

4 Thomson awards: "Highly cited article", top1% of Essential Science IndicatorsSM for the papers [RI/99/23] [RI/99/24] [RI/03/7] [RI/04/44]

IEEE SMC Outstanding Award 2005, for the organization of the conference CIFA2004, Douz, Tunisia

PEDR and PES (bonus for scientific excellence) since 1993 (awarded at the national level every 4 year)

Chevalier of the Palmes Academiques, Jan. 6th, 2006


Prizes awarded to supervised PhD students

The PhD work of Alexandre Seuret [TH/06/19] has received 3 awards: PhD prize by Club EEA year 2006, Best PhDs of the GdR MACS 2005-2006, Best student paper at CIFA 2006 [CI/06/097]

The PhD work of Christophe Fiter [TH/12/27] has received 1 award:  young researcher best paper prize at MSR'11 [CM/11/24]